Together we are joining forces to be an even stronger pair to represent students of our faculty and promote their interests at the university-wide level.

Election programme

Canteens and dormitories

  • We will strive for the best possible running of the canteen, so that every student can eat well and at affordable prices.
  • Masaryk University provides almost 3,900 beds in dormitories. That is why dormitories are an important part of our election program. We will promote the continuous improvement of conditions for accommodation in the dormitories, and at the same time we will try to fight for the maintenance of prices in the dormitories without unnecessary increases.


  • We will promote greater digitization so that every student can handle everything from the comfort of their home.
  • At the same time, we want to promote the digitization of lectures also at the university level, because we think that online lectures belong to the 21st century.

Promotion of faculty interests

  • Studying long Master’s programs at the Faculty of Medicine is completely different from studying other programs at other faculties. It is important for us to actively draw attention to these specifics so that we are not neglected.
  • Due to the number of specifics, it is important for us to constantly think about our faculty and promote the interests of the faculty at the university level. Of course, we will not neglect the bachelor’s and subsequent master’s programs at the MU Faculty of Medicine, which are an integral part of our faculty.

Cycle mobility & a more sustainable university

  • We would like to support cycle mobility at the level of the entire university. We are aware of the importance of the environment and want to support all efforts for a greener university and a healthy lifestyle.


  • Due to the activity of associations at our faculty, we would like to connect not only associations from the MU Faculty of Medicine, but also associations from other faculties with the MU Volunteer Center, which is in charge of MUNI Pomáhá. Together, we want to improve volunteering efforts at our university.

Connection of faculties

  • We will try to connect MU faculties and strive for greater inter-faculty cooperation on various projects. We would like to cooperate mainly with the faculties with which we share the University campus in Bohunice – with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Sports Studies.